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Hello Mi$fit

Welcome to the global dance floor. Take a break from your preconceptions and dial in a slice of eclectic groove, combine with passion and some emotive lyrics. That is the MSFT DNA. Is it dance? Urban? Global? Songwriter? Who cares?  

Created by Ni, the L.I.M. features filmmakers and artists who want to light up your world. This one's for the poets and the dreamers, non-conformists and idealists.  So book a ticket, sit back and enjoy the ride. It's non stop all the way to who knows where.  



We design and deliver live events - from playing to creating and dressing a whole venue.  We also undertake publicity and press- from social media to graphic design and can provide lighting, sound design and installations. Plus, we have some supercool DJs. 

the LIM Live Division 

the LIM film Unit