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It was never just about the music, so we create, we manufacture, celebrate.  Why Not? 

Hello [Birmingham] Mi$fits

  1. Take a Camera and microphone and stand outside the Bullring 

  2. Play word association with those up for the game 

  3. Expect the Unexpected



Created by the LIM Film Division way before pandemic times when we could all meander merrily in the the streets and accost unsuspecting members of the public just trying to go about their business


British Art Show -Offsite9: Origin Unknown 

As part of Origin Unknown an event for Offsite 9,  the LIM Film Division (AKA BohO, Azuma & DVDR created a short film around identity, journeys and migration. Fleeta J will also be adding some visuals to the LIM performance.


Abstract and poignant and a little bit 

provocative, this has been created for the after show party and has been funded and supported by Creative Black Country, Arts Council and Paypal.

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